La Foundation School (LFS),Vill. Thalesan, Distt. Sangrur has come up with a latest mobile application that seeks to bring the entire school community together, on a single platform.

Our mobile application for parents & teachers- La Foundation School (LFS)-Edusecure Application – enhances parental involvement through simpli?ed communication and transactions making the job of the parents, teachers and school easy. Parents can now send communication in a paperless manner, and teachers assign homework directly through the mobile application.

The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS (Apple) devices.

The new mobile application benefits the parents in the following ways:

1. To pay school fees from the comfort of their mobile phone by using the Online Payment service through payment gateways and mobile wallets and download fee payment receipts on the spot.

2. Stay up-to-date on the academic and co-curricular performance of the child in various exams and competitions.

3. Be informed about their childs attendance in school.

4. Easily apply for leave for the child in advance.

5. Regularly view and download photos of events at the school.

6. Receive special greetings from the school on special occasions such as birthdays and achievements of their child in school.

7 Participate in surveys published by the school from time to time.

8. Get instant updates on school happenings and view the school calendar and notifications.

9. The app will also provide daily update on classwork and homework.

The Mobile app also comes with an additional feature of Virtual ID card for Parents, visitors tracking and enhanced security of our students

The La Foundation School (LFS) Digital Academic Timeline Students of the school will get a Digital Academic Timeline which will record the students progress during the academic career at La Foundation School (LFS). This academic timeline will not only help the student in maintaining a record of their school-time achievements but will also help them to stay in touch with their school, teachers and peers even after graduating from the school. La Foundation School (LFS) Digital Academic Timeline in conjunction with the Schools Alumni portal will prove to be a boon to every student studying in the School.

You can also download La Foundation School (LFS), Vill. Thalesan, Distt. Sangrur Mobile App Download App Download IOS App