To be a school of excellence, La Foundation School (LFS) must have a clear sense of the goals it is trying to accomplish, the characteristics of the school it seeks to personify, and the contributions the various members of the school community must make in order to transform ideas into reality. The following vision statement is intended to provide the LFS will strive to achieve and maintain. These standards will serve as both the blueprints for our improvement efforts and the benchmarks by which we will evaluate our progress. This vision will evolve and grow as LFS changes.

Academic Excellence

LFS will emphasize the intellectual growth of the students, of the staff, and the parents and provides students with a comprehensive curriculum consisting of a strong academic core, complimented by co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


Teachers model the importance of life-long learning by their commitment to their personal and professional growth. Teachers find ways to maximize student’s academic success. Teachers communicate with students and parents on a regular and consistent basis and in a meaningful way.

  1. Staff will be unified with an emphasis on articulation, scope and sequence, and sharing standards across departments

  2. Faculty will help prepare students for district, state and national assessments


LFS will offer a variety of electives addressing student needs and interests


  1. The faculty will implement curriculum that assesses and addresses individual learning styles
  2. The school will adopt curriculum that is challenging and develops intellectual curiosity

Student Learning

The determining factors indicating a school of excellence are reflected by the conduct, character and achievement of the school’s students.

Students recognize the value of thinking, discussing, questioning, and learning


  1. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves
  2. Students accept responsibility for their learning, decisions, and actions
  3. Students become actively engaged in and give their best effort toward academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular pursuits
  4. Students develop the skills to become self-directed learners
  5. Students are considerate of others—teachers, staff, fellow students and visitors

Internal Community

In a school of excellence, students, staff and administration develop relationships based on mutual respect. They are brought together by a shared responsibility for the betterment of the school and a shared commitment to the safety and security of all. LFS realizes the quality of a school is dependent upon the personnel it employs. Therefore, those responsible for hiring are committed to recruiting, retaining, and supporting quality educators with exceptional expertise in their respective fields. A school of excellence fosters an atmosphere of open communication and mutual respect for each other as professionals.

The faculty develops a sense of common purpose and demonstrates their support of and commitment to the school’s vision and values


  1. The faculty expresses disagreements or differences of opinion in a professional and constructive manner
  2. The faculty has high expectations for student success and work toward consistency in holding students accountable to simple universal standards
  3. The faculty works individually and collaboratively to create conditions promoting student success
  4. The faculty members serve as positive role models
  5. The faculty recognizes the importance of and they seek opportunities to celebrate their successes departmentally and school-wide

External Community

A school of excellence creates an effective partnership with the larger community—parents, residents, and businesses. It strives to develop the community’s allegiance to and investment in the school by promoting a sense of belonging.

The external community demonstrates its support for the vision and values of the school


  1. The external community provides resources allowing the school to offer high quality academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular
  2. The external community participates in the life of the school by attending programs and assisting in various aspects of the school
  3. Parents play an active and supportive role in the education of their students. They take an interest in their student’s academic progress and work with teachers to emphasize the importance of education
  4. The school will establish effective connections with institutions of higher learning and programs offering various post-secondary options

School Climate and Culture

A school of excellence maintains a positive quality of school life for students, parents and staff; emphasizes the social growth of the members of the LFS and provides a welcoming atmosphere enabling students to enjoy their school experience. LFS will foster a safe and supportive environment, which respects individual and group differences, resulting in a shared sense of pride in the school.

School Pride

The school will work with the internal and external communities to foster a deeper sense of belonging and tradition. There is a conscious effort to promote school pride by recognizing and celebrating the efforts and achievements of students and staff.


Students, staff, administration, and parents will develop acceptance of and mutual respect for diversity. The community will support the needs of each individual. LFS will offer a variety of activities in an effort to engage all students in activities addressing individual student needs. Respect for self and others will be promoted by character education.


There is a commitment to providing an emotionally and physically safe, supportive environment where students want to learn, school employees want to work, and every citizen feels respected and valued. The community encourages support for academic and extra-curricular activities from internal and external community. Students conduct themselves in a way that contributes to a safe and orderly atmosphere that respects the rights of others.

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