At present the school provides facilities for sports activities like:


Sports activities are taken very seriously in the school. Students are provided ample opportunities to participate in various sports like:


  1. Basket Ball
  2. Gymnastics
  3. Football
  4. Badminton
  5. Carom
  6. Chess


Dancing is a good recreational exercise. Students are provided with an environment where they can flourish their talent and get stage exposure.

Art & Craft

Students are provided with adequate raw material i.e. paper, pencil, crayons, scissor, glue etc. to show their creativity. They also learn to utilize waste material, and make best out of waste. Students also enjoy making collages, pottery, stuffed toys, greetings and many other conventional and customary items.

Mental ability & other tests

Students are put to various situations and given worksheets to evaluate their IQ. Various playful-exercises are given to students to check their awareness of surroundings. Quizzes are organized as per the schedule.

Cultural activities

A secular school is the one which encourages knowing ones own religion and have respect for others. For the purpose almost every religious festival is celebrated in the school to know its importance.



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